Bergheim or Bust

Here I sit in the Mesa Verde Bar and Grill in the A Concourse at Denver International Airport.  I had to navigate about 2 feet of snow to get here, and as such I left damn early.  Turns out the roads weren’t too bad, the airport isn’t too busy, so I ended with some time to kill.

It’s gonna be a busy few weeks.  I’m scheduled to be in Germany for 20 days, I’ll probably work 19 of them, which is a damn long time to spend working in a foreign country.  I have a 3 hour flight to O’Hare, a good sized layover (by design, I plan on flying across the ocean on a full stomach and with a healthy buzz), and then a 9 hour flight to Frankfurt.  Then my esteemed colleague Glendo and I will drive about 3 hours northwest to our destination.   First up is a little town called Marl.  Never been there, know nothing of the place.  Apparently it’s not too far from Dortmund, so maybe I’ll get a chance to check out the city.

We’ll be there for about 3 days,  and then we’ll make the two-hour drive to Bergheim, where I’ll become an honorary resident for about 2 and half weeks.  I’ve stayed in the area before, it’s only about 10 miles from Grevenboich, where I’ve probably spent better than 2 months in the last couple years.  There we have to install a new lasery measurey thingy, and service the three other ones that have been recently installed.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see some of the friends I’ve made in the area, and with a little luck we can snag a day off or two and head to some random European city in the area.  It’ll be tough.  These trips are never easy.

My time card from my last trip to Germany. 168 hours in 13 days, and with a trip to Brussels on the day off. These trips are strenuous at best....

Luckily I’ve already been bumped to first class for my leg to Chicago.  And I already have 100 Euros in my wallet left over from last trip, so the travel day shouldn’t be too bad.  As always I’ll do my best to maintain my sanity, and as always I’ll keep you posted.

-B. Littleton

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  1. Marilyn

    Stay warm – looks like most of Europe is in a deep freeze.

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