A 3-Week Stroll Through Buenos Aires – Day 10

Leaving the waterfront behind.

The Argentinian Ministry of Defense building, their equivalent to the Pentagon.

Ok, so I have absolutely no idea who this dude is, but he must be someone famous in B.A., his face was plastered all over the city for some show he was doing.

On our way home we wandered through some massive street market, ripe with vendors of just about everything, including, strangely enough, tons of crap with Homer Simpson's face on it.

Unfortunately, James was constantly warning me about pickpockets, so took most of these pictures with the camera strapped to my wrist and in the palm of my hand.

And as such, not too many pictures came out.

A pretty talented one-man band street performer dude.

And... sunset.

This was weird. November 2nd is my birthday. I saw this laying in the gutter. In March. Huh.

The next morning. On our way to get some delicious empanadas.

I think there's something wrong with this dude's truck....

Some car in front of some building. This might be my favorite picture from my time in Argentina.

Leaving the waterfront behind.

That’s all for today.  Tomorrow we head to the massive park near the Schulman’s apartment….

-B. Littleton

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