Another Just Another Day at the Office

Well, thankfully I made it home late last night.  Mercifully, I’m not at a power plant today.  This last job was a pretty tough one.  I suppose it’s stupid for me to say that, because it’s not very often that after a trip to a power plant I’m thinking to myself that was a nice, easy, relaxed trip to wherever the hell I just was.  Either way, this job wasn’t too fun….

Thursday was substantially worse than the other two days of the job.  First of all, it was pouring.  Like a lot.

Forecast called for 100% humidity and a 100% chance of precipitation. Solid.

Precisely half of the lasery-measurey equipment I had to work on this trip was completely unsheltered from the rain.  Of course, on Wednesday, when it hardly rained at all, I worked on the crap was nice and covered and dry.  That left the exposed lasery-measurey equipment for Thursday, and well, I got soaked.

Soggy day up there.

Rain in a power plant isn’t just rain either.  I was working about halfway up the boiler last week, meaning that by the time the rain got to me it had dripped down through about 75 feet of dirty equipment coated with coal dust and fly ash.  Predictably, it’s pretty filthy by the time it lands on me.

The black rain falling on a lasery-measurey thing.

So I spent most of my day spending about 20 minutes getting soaked while working on my shit, and then running around to the hot, dry side of the boiler for 10 minutes to dry off before diving back in.

After completing my wet and soggy work for the day, I had one last little job before I could leave Indiana, PA behind me.  Installing a high temp air pressure regulator on one of our heads (the blue things).  This is an inherently crappy job.  Our standard regulator operates normally up to 150 degrees F.  So if I’m tasked with upgrading the regulator, I’m going to get to work in temperatures that exceed that.

I had to replace the failed regulator on the left with the beefier regulator on the right.

Max. temperature 150 degrees. Me and that regulator are filthy

Welp, that's definitely above 150. The best part is, I had to stand in the 162.4 degree heat to take this reading for 'warranty purposes." Had it been over 175 we wouldn't have been obligated to replace this thing under warranty. Alas, it wasn't, so I just had to stand there for a while for the sake of it. Not to mention actually installing the part.

High-temp regulator installed bitches.

But, I got all my shit done and got to come home.  The trip wasn’t too much fun, but that’s another story for another day.  I’ll leave you with a couple other pictures from the trip.

The hot dry side. There are 14 lasery-measurey things mounted on this wall, I circled the 3 we can see. Lots of crap around that made getting to those things quite the trick....

They gave me the office with the view.

I ate my lunch of a gas station sammich and a protein shake sitting on my toolbox right here....

Always nice to see when you're trying to get some work done.

Until next time.  Time to pack and do some laundry for the trip to Germany….

-B. Littleton

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  1. Yikes, and I thought only the heights and the heat were dangerous!

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