A 3-Week Stroll Through Buenos Aires – Day 6

Today’s pictures from our meanderings through the city.





These stupid diaper-lookin' pants were everywhere down there. For whatever reason, people loved 'em. Unless there was some big break dance competition that I didn't hear about, I don't get it.



This was some out-of-business sandwich shop. How having Sneezy chowing down on a giant sub out front didn't rake in the customers is beyond me.


Weird. The car down in the corner gives some perspective on how giant this thing is.




One helluva way to 'fix' a pothole. Why waste a cone when you can just throw a bag of trash on it so people have to go around? We saw this repair method employed more than once.






Last one for the day. James and Kristin like, look like they know what they're doing.... Weird.

15 more pictures tomorrow.

-B. Littleton



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3 responses to “A 3-Week Stroll Through Buenos Aires – Day 6

  1. I loved this city – thanks for reminding how much

  2. From diaper pants to trash can cones to one of my favs, Claridge’s, you provided a unique perspective as you strolled. Thanks!

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