A 3-Week Stroll Through Buenos Aires – Day 5

Today’s B.A. entry….

This was how I saw most of B. A. .... With James and Kristin sort of MST3Ked in front of me. Not complaining, they were just looking out, and I was following them around with the camera.

People are people wherever there are people, and will gladly humiliate their animals in name of "cute."

I like this old lady.

The ambassador and the ubiquitous trash on the street corner.

Biggest city in which I've ever spent any substantial amount of time is Denver, which is more subdivision than actual city, so these streets seemed downright cavernous.

More MST3JK.

That dude with the mic seems totally stoked that I'm taking his picture. I found it really ironic that a guy with a camera crew didn't want his picture taken.... Also, did you know they had cameras in South America? I bet they bought it from the Soviets.

There really were a shitload of these buildings with glass facades. Dunno why, but it sure was aesthetically pleasing.

MST3JK and some other street.

Last one for the day....

More to come,

-B. Littleton


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5 responses to “A 3-Week Stroll Through Buenos Aires – Day 5

  1. It took me a while to get MST3JK. I admit it. J had to explain.

    • hahaha, yeah, pretty obscure reference any more, but as I’m sure J told you, it’s also a clever and quite apt reference once you get it….

      P.S. – means a lot that you’ve been checking the blog out and enjoying the B.A. pictures…. Hope being married is the shit….

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