It’s a Wonderful Life

Well I’m back at the Ruby Tuesday in Indiana, Pennsylvania.  A sleepy little town in central Pennsylvania, whose claim to fame is that it’s the birthplace of one Jimmy Stewart.  Not a whole lot to do around here, as one would expect of a town who touts a Jimmy Stewart museum as a tourist attraction.

My Indiana, PA spot.

Getting here wasn’t too fun.  Left my apartment at about quarter till 7:00 just in time to drive through the beginning of rush hour in eastern Denver.  After sipping a few good morning bloody marys at the Mesa Verde Bar and Grill, I made my way to my gate where I missed a bump to first class by one measly dude whose United status trumped mine.  On a packed airplane, the only remaining seat for me was good old 37A.  The very back row of the plane.  It’s the first time I haven’t received some sort of preferential seating in a damn long time.

The view from 37A.

And as such the plane had mechanical issues and its occupants had the pleasure of sitting on the tarmac for about 45 minutes before takeoff.  So a 3-hour flight turned into a 4-hour flight, and that’s an awful long time for a dude who’s 6′ 4″ to sit in an non-reclining economy seat.  When my flight deposited me in Pittsburgh it was about 4:00 PM so I got to navigate my second rush hour of the day en route from Pittsburgh to Indiana.

That's good news.

It was a dreary drive; grey and dull and steadily raining.  It’s forecast to be grey and dull and steadily raining for the next few days, which bodes well as this plant has an open boiler, so I’ll be exposed to whatever the weather feels like throwing at me for the next few days.

But, for whatever reason, I kind of enjoyed myself today.  It felt good to get back into airworld, and to be on the clock while I did it.  It felt good to drive through a steady rain and listen to the Black Keyes and get paid to do it.  It felt damn good to eat a 14-oz ribeye and sip on a Sam Adams, and it felt even better on account of the expense report.  And, also for reasons unbeknownst to me, I’m kind of looking forward to strapping on my steel-toed boots and my carharts, popping in the ear buds and going to work to earn some money this week.

At least Pittsburgh is kind of a pretty place.

With any luck it’ll be a pretty straightforward job, and I should be home by Friday, so it’s hard to find a whole to complain about.  I could sure have it a lot worse.  So here’s to ya Jimmy Stewart, let’s make it a good week.

-B. Littleton


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4 responses to “It’s a Wonderful Life

  1. Amolia

    “Carpe the hell out of the diem!”

  2. I like how you use photos to illustrate your story–the Ruby Tuesday one is especially interesting. You’ve got a nice looking blog here, Brett!

    • Hahaha, you’re the second person that’s liked the cell phone shot of the Ruby Tuesday…. And more importantly, Thanks a lot bud, that means a lot. I’ve spent entirely too much time trying to make the thing look pretty. I suppose that’s one benefit to my borderline OCD obsession with making shit look pretty.

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