2011 By The Numbers – Another Year of Travel

So I just spent probably a little bit too much time going back through all my time-cards, pictures, and memories of 2011 to get an idea of where I spent the last year of my life.  And then probably a little longer using my mediocre-at-best excel abilities to put it all into pretty little pictures for you all to see.  I was pretty surprised to see just how much time I spent on the road, and especially out of the country.  I wish I could make the images bigger in-post, but I either can’t or just don’t know how.  So please click on each of the charts to see how and where my 2011 went down.

Note: * = fun trip, not power plant trip.  Some of these were rare days off in the middle of a power plant trip, but regardless they’re days I spent somewhere of my own accord.  Word.

Here's how my time broke down.

Here's all the places I went and how long I was there.


That should offer at least a little insight into what my life is like, or at least where I spend it.  In 2011, I spent more than half of my life living out of hotels and suitcases, and apparently better than a quarter of it doing as such in a foreign country.  Considering I leave tomorrow morning for a week in Pittsburgh, PA, and I already have trips to Miami, FL and Bismarck, ND under my belt this year, and there’s a trip back to Germany already on the docket for next month, I have a feeling 2012 isn’t gonna be too different.

I’ll keep you posted.

-B. Littleton

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