The Sights of South Beach – Part 1

While it might not have been perfect beach weather for the trip, I couldn’t have slept at night if we went all the way to Miami and didn’t check out South Beach.  So on a breezy but sunny Sunday afternoon, check it out we did…   Turned out to be Art Deco weekend, so it was pretty crowded, and proved to be an excellent place to relax a bit and do some people watching.

So this is the 5th Street Gym just off South beach. I guess it's super famous or something. I liked the dude taking a nap on his dog....

There she be...

It was maybe 80 degrees this day, and there was a bit of breeze. It was really easy to tell the tourists from the locals. Tourists, myself included, were rocking beach attire while the locals were all wearing coats....

Dude must've thought he was in Venice.

A couple of homeless guys we befriended on the beach. These gents were self-described "weavers." They cut palm fronds from the trees and weaved them into little rose-like flowers and sold them them to passers-by.

Might not of been the best day ever for the beach, but we made the most of it.

Ya know, this beats the hell out of power plants in North Dakota.

Who's up for some beach volleyball?

Nothing says South Beach like a dude on a pay phone scratching his junk.

That’s all from our afternoon on the beach.  I’ll throw up some pictures from the Art Deco Weekend and our stroll along Ocean Drive before too long.

-B. Littleton

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One response to “The Sights of South Beach – Part 1

  1. I see you found a potential new Ripped Van Zinfandel… Looks like you two know how to enjoy each other anywhere…the key to a good relationship!

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