A Sunrise In Stanton

Well, we’ve put in just about 24 hours in 2 days, and as such I’m too damn tired to do anymore than throw up some cell phone pictures of this morning’s sunset.  Enjoy.

The sun just starting to show itself on the long drive from Bismarck to Stanton. Clearly took this from a moving car.

One more from the car. There's the plant there on the left.

Ok, here's an actual good picture. The sun coming up through the transformers once we got to the plant.

Finally, from the roof of the plant. Like I said, all the nothing makes for some pretty impressive sunrises and sunsets. Believe it or not, that's the Missouri River on the left.


Off to bed.  If I can find anything even remotely interesting about which to write around here, rest assured I’ll write about it.

-B. Littleton

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One response to “A Sunrise In Stanton

  1. I always love sunset photos. That last photo is awesome!

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