A Very George Clooney Christmas Part II

Well, after about 1,000 miles of driving, 4 nights in 2 separate hotels, 3 different rental cars, Christmas, and a few days at home I’m back at the Denver International Airport waiting to be whisked away to beautiful Bismarck, North Dakota for another week at some random power plant in the middle of nowhere.

But, the crazy holiday shenanigans went off pretty much without a hitch.  Went from Charleston, WV to Louisville KY and picked up the girl.  Thanks to my homie Glendo and his son, we spent a couple of unreasonably cheap nights at the Westin Hotel in downtown Cincinnati.  The whole stay, food included, was half-off.  With our super-bad-ass discount card in hand, we actually ordered room service and enjoyed breakfast in bed.  We hit up the hot tub and pool that were on the top floor of the hotel and overlooked pretty much the whole city.  It was delightful; I’ve never before had the pleasure of staying in a hotel so swanky, let alone been able to afford the amenities.  The place was a touch nicer than the Comfort Inns to which I’ve grown accustomed.   Thanks again Glen and Kyle.

Checking in to the Westin in Downtown Cincinnati.

Fountain Square. This was right across the street.

The girl. Beautiful isn't she?

After a massage, a night of dancing in some random martini bar, and an afternoon of rocking out the downright adorable outside skating rink at the Fountain Square in downtown, we were off.

Ice skating in the square. Good stuff.

From there our next stop was the Farm for Christmas.  The Farm is on 320 acres of rustic Amish country in central Ohio, and was a damn nice little break from airplanes and power plants and hotel rooms.  We got some delicious grandma cooking, hung out with my Padre and the dogs, went to a candlelight service with Grandma, and spent Christmas Morning opening gifts with the family.  Nice little visit.  After a couple of hours of shooting shit (no trip to visit my grandparents’ place is complete without shooting some shit) we headed a little better than 5 hours south to get the girl home to Louisville for her family Christmas.

Sunrise at the farm on a chilly Christmas morning...

The barn. With Dog, the aptly named farm dog, sunning himself in the grass.

My little dog in a pretty intense Mexican stand-off with Boots, the farm cat.

Shootin' shit on Christmas morning. Wouldn't be a trip to the farm without shooting some pigeons (not real ones, clay pigeons, just for all you PETA members out there).

Some random abandoned farmhouse and silo on the way back to Kentucky.

Christmas sunset from a gas station parking lot.

After doing gifts with her family, we wrapped up the little trip with an incredibly fitting ending to a Very George Clooney Christmas; a quiet night watching movies and sipping champagne in the Louisville, Kentucky Comfort Inn.  I caught my flight back to Denver the next morning.

I couldn’t have asked for a better holiday.  It was a pretty crazy and itinerized few days, and I wasn’t anywhere near home.  Well, not geographically anyway.  But as I laid in my grandparents living room on a sofa-bed that I’ll generously describe as uncomfortable, I had my little dog curled up behind my knees and my little lady curled up under my arm.  I was as happy, and as at home, as I’ve been in a long time…


Here’s to hoping the Mayans were wrong.  Happy 2012 everyone.

-B. Littleton


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5 responses to “A Very George Clooney Christmas Part II

  1. judy

    glad it all went off without a hitch. Enjoy beautiful Bismark!

  2. Amolia

    I really enjoyed reading this. I’m glad you had such a wonderful holiday surrounded by loved ones. ❤

  3. Sirrah

    You take such awesome photos! Happy New Year!

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