A Very George Clooney Christmas

Tonight I write you once again from the Lazy Dog Saloon located inside the Comfort Inn just outside of Charleston, WV.  There’s a semi-private party in here, but my bartender recognized me from my last visit, and once I assured her I’d just be sitting in the corner typing away on the laptop and nursing a Newcastle or six, she decided to let me in.

I almost wish she hadn’t.  It’s karaoke night.  In West Virginia.  I’ve heard more shitty Toby Keith songs get slaughtered since the last time I listened to a Toby Keith album.  I’ve actually never listened to a Toby Keith album, but you get the idea.

Any who, I’m in the midst of a pretty crazy couple weeks filled with work, travel and Christmas.  Spent my last two weeks in Indiana, Pennsylvania.  Turns out, my father is going to be back at the family farm in Holmes County, Ohio for Christmas, and turns out Holmes County, Ohio is only about a three-hour drive from Indiana, Pennsylvania.  The girl lives in Louisville, Kentucky, and turns out Louisville, Kentucky is only about a four-hour drive from Holmes County, Ohio.  Seeing as how I’m not in Germany, I decided to do what I could to see everyone.

I called my boss, and he was kind enough to let me re-book my flight (fully refundable ticket, no big deal there) and take a few days off before Christmas, on the condition that I “swing by” our plant in Charleston, West Virginia to service their system tomorrow and Tuesday.   Really nice of him to help me make this happen, but that left me with a three-day weekend to kill in Appalachia.  Luckily a damn good friend of mine from high school lives sort of in the area, so I went and hung out with him for the weekend.  The next few days are going to be quite a whirlwind.

Here’s the plan:

– Kevin K. and I finished job in Indiana, PA on 12/15.

– I dropped Kevin K. off at the Pittsburgh airport on 12/16.  Dropped off our rental car for that trip, picked up a cheaper car as I’ll have to pay for some of it.  Headed three-and-a-half hours west-ish to Dayton, Ohio to hang out with my boy Kevin C.

– This evening, 12/18 – I drove three hours back east-ish to Charleston, WV.

– 12/19 and 12/20 – work in Charleston.

– 12/20 or 12/21 – head four hours southwest-ish to Louisville, KY to pick up the girl.

– 12/21 or 12/22 – we’ll head a couple of hours north to Cincinnati to hang out and do some Christmas shopping and ya know, not be in Louisville.

– 12/23-ish – we’ll head to the farm for Christmas with my dad and the grandparents.

– 12/25 or so – we’ll make the drive back to Louisville.

– 12/26 or 12/27 – I’ll catch my flight back to Denver.

Now I realize how insane that schedule is.  Sounds ludicrous I’m sure that I’d willingly put myself through this with the kind of schedule I normally have to adhere to for work.  Maybe I am crazy.  But first of all travel isn’t even second-nature to me, it’s just nature.  So it doesn’t seem nearly as daunting to me as it probably should.  Also when you live in Denver, CO, date a girl from Louisville, KY, and spend close to 200 nights a year on the road, it’s not easy to see the people you want to see when you want to see them.  When I realized I’d be in the general area of all these people, and that the whole trip should be pretty cheap with free airfare and places to crash, I kinda feel like it would be more insane to fly home and spend Christmas in my empty apartment.

And as such I’ll be spending Christmas the way I spend just about everything else, living out of a rental car and a suitcase, but with one notable difference; I won’t be doing it alone, and I’m pretty excited about that.

Happy Holidays,

-B. Littleton


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2 responses to “A Very George Clooney Christmas

  1. One of my Christmas wishes just came true! The Circle Pie B&B is open on Christmas…with the girl’s brother here! Wanna visit?

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