And That’s a Wrap

A couple of days ago Kevin and I finished up our 2-weekish long project in beautiful Indiana, PA.  It was a long trip; we had the pleasure of dealing with the heat, the cold, the bedbugs and all the shenanigans and goings-on that are normally associated with installing a half-million dollar lasery-measury thing.  But all things considered, it was a pretty smooth install.  We dealt with all the above crap in English, and didn’t have too many problems getting everything working.  Anywho, here’s the sights of the Unit 1 Boiler at Keystone.

Sunrise on our way to the plant one morning.

Pretty little office, eh?

For the first week of the job the boiler was offline. Boiler's outside, so if it was cold, rainy and snowy outside (and it was) it was cold, rainy and snowy up on the boiler.

Then they turned the ol' girl back on. From freezing our balls off to sweating them off. Some pretty intense temperature swings.

The Unit 1 cooling tower.

Kevin splicing by the light of the sunset.

My ass trying to do some jedi mind tricks on the computer.

I guess said mind tricks did the job. This is what's it all about, and why they fly me all over the world. A fully functional lasery-measurey thing.

That’s all she wrote on this little project.  Off to West Virginia for a couple more days of power plants before Christmas.

-B. Littleton


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