Tebow Time in Steeler Nation

Yesterday Kevin and I got the closest thing to a day off we’ll have off this trip.  We put in a measly 6 hours, and did so in the nice, climate-controlled server room at the plant.  A day out of the elements was just delightful, and better yet, we knocked off in time to watch the Broncos game.

With a little digging we caught wind of a bar nearby that has NFL Sunday Ticket, and found out our new friend Dan (a bartender at Ruby Tuesday’s, go figure) was gonna be hanging out there as well.  So after our little stay-cation day at the plant, we headed over to the Grubs Sports Bar in “downtown” Indiana, PA.

Nice little joint, nothing special, but they had decent wings, a shitload of TV’s and some good cheap beer, so I was a happy dude.  Our boy Dan recommended a little microbrew, St. Nicks made by the Penn Brewery in Pittsburgh.  7.5% ABV, $2.25 a pint and actually some tasty stuff, so needless to say I was feeling it by the time the opening kick-off sailed through the back of the end zone.

It took a minute, but it became one helluva night.  And I promise that the patrons and staff of Grubs will be talking about me for a long time.  It bears repeating that I’m currently in a tiny town of less than 20,000 people in western PA.  Our host town is in the boonies a bit over an hour from Pittsburgh.  They have three kinds of shirts here.  They have camo shirts, they have Steelers shirts and they have camo Steelers shirts.  This is the heart of Steeler Nation.

But, it was Tebow Time.  For those of you that don’t follow the Broncos, or football for that matter, Tim Tebow is a sensation this year.  The kid has won seven of his eight starts, six of them were come from behind, and three of those were in overtime.  It’s stupid.  That doesn’t happen.  People don’t do that.  But Tebow and his Denver Broncos do.  Tebow does the unthinkable day in and day out, to the point where it’s starting to become the thinkable.

Anywho, back to Grubs.  After  the first 57 minutes of this football game I was bored, and then a little despondent.  Broncos were down by 10, and were rapidly running out of time.  The Bears fans at the table next to Kevin, Dan and myself were starting to shoot some sideways I-told-you-it-couldn’t-happen-again looks my way.  I wanted nothing more than for Tim “The Mile High Messiah” Tebow to do his thing again.

Then, he started to do his thing again.  I was more than a couple of beers in.  Let’s just say I got a little into it.  My throat hurt this morning from yelling “It’s Tebow time!” more times than I could possibly count.  There were maybe 20 people in the little establishment, none of whom gave two shits about any of the games that were on at the time, and here I was screaming and high-fiving strangers at the bar.  Now in Denver this would’ve been a perfectly natural thing to do; I wasn’t in Denver, far from it.  At first I was the crazy drunk dude at the bar, which was a fair assesment.  But, a funny thing happened.  Told a couple people I was from Denver, and they started to get it.  A couple of big plays later, everyone else at the bar got a little into it too.  People started high-fiving me.  I don’t know if it was Tebow’s infectious nature, or my infectious cheerleading, or the fact that we weren’t playing the Steelers (it was probably all of the above) but it was pretty cool.  A handful of the Steelers Faithful were Broncos fans for about 20 minutes. And then the thinkable happened. Tim Tebow Tim Tebowed his 6th team in a row. With a 51-yard field goal the Broncos won yet another unwinnable game.

Made my night.  It was a blast to make a couple new friends scream at the TV 1200 miles from home.  Unbelievably enough, the evening to ourselves in Indiana was a damn fun little excursion, which needless to say exceeded my expectations entirely.  Thanks Dan for recommending a solid little bar and a tasty microbew.  Thanks Timmy, and thank you to the rest of the Denver Broncos for making Tebow time in Steeler Nation a damn fun evening.

-B. Littleton


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2 responses to “Tebow Time in Steeler Nation

  1. I love this! Way to spread the Tebow message! 🙂

  2. Marilyn

    Did you get yourself a Steelers camo shirt?

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