With Apologies to the Amish

Wrote this the other day on the plane ride out here….  So far, it appears that I wasn’t too far off.

Today I once again write to you from, where else, an airplane.  This one is headed from Denver, Colorado to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  From Pittsburgh my co-worker (whose blog you can find at the link to your right) and I will drive about an hour northeast-ish to beautiful Indiana, Pennsylvania for two weeks of freezing our asses off installing a laser-measury-thingy on an outdoor boiler.

Never heard of Indiana, Pennsylvania?  Well, neither have I.  Not until about a week ago when I booked our hotel for the trip anyway.  I know nothing about the place, but I do know that I’m not all that encouraged by the fact that I’m going to what appears to be a tiny little town an hour from anything that’s named after a boring midwestern state.  Screams fun don’t it?  I expect to be about as fun as Iowa, Nebraska.  Ok, I made that up, but if such a place existed I’m sure it would about be about as much fun as Indiana, Pennsylvania.

With apologies to the Amish, I’ve heard from several different people now, including just about everyone I met in Philadelphia when work took me there, that Pennsylvania has “Philly on the east, Pittsburgh on the west, and Alabama in the middle.”  Well, I’m going to the middle.

I found out yesterday that where we’ll be working is outside.  In June this would be fantastic news, in December not so much.  I suppose working in 30 degree weather is better than working in a 175 degree environment, but I’m not expecting it to be horribly comfortable.

What I am looking forward to is English.  I’ll be able to like, talk to people.   With like, words and shit.

Not real sure what dialect we’ll be dealing with in Alabama, or Indiana, or Pennsylvania, or whatever you want to call it, but as long as it’s not Polish I’ll be doing ok.  This will be my second job as the bona-fide leader of the project; my first was in Germany last month.  After dealing with the numerous problems associated with a woefully unprepared customer, and having to deal with those problems through a mediocre at best translator (although I can’t bitch too much, his English was WAY better than my German) just being able to communicate freely with the people the plant provides me to help us on our little project can’t help but make things go at least a little smoother.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Not to mention I’ll be able to order a Beam and Coke and bullshit about Tim Tebow with my bartender in the evenings.  So that’ll be nice.

Installing a laser-measurey-thingy is never easy, but after spending roughly 6 out of 7 weeks doing two separate installs in a foreign country (we put in 168 hours in 13 days to finish the last job), spending a couple of weeks in rural Pennsylvania a mere two time zones away from my own doesn’t seem too daunting.

So, wish me luck.  And don’t worry, I’ll keep you up to speed on all that Indiana, PA has to offer.

-B. Littleton


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2 responses to “With Apologies to the Amish

  1. Prost! to your latest post and GOOD LUCK …find interesting things in your spare moments!

  2. Enjoy your time in the US =) If your ever in MN you can always bar hop with my husband =) Upon very little research I found out that Texas has an Iowa Colony, TX and Illinois Colony, TX. Just thought you might be interested =) Although no Iowa, Nebraska except the bank=). Can’t wait for a phot joural of the Amish country. Maybe a pissing boy?

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