4 Hours In Brussels

So apparently November 1st is a national holiday up in here.  This was news to me, but it gave Kevin and myself the opportunity to not go to a power plant for a day.  Made for a pretty solid early 27th birthday present.  The illusive day off in Europe.  I felt kinda like Captain Ahab when he finds his whale.  This don’t happen too often.  We took the opportunity to take a 2 hour drive northwest to Brussels. 
 As I outlined before, all our sight-seeing on the company dime is pretty abbreviated.  We were spent from the 10 days of airplanes, power points and power plants that preceded our little excursion, so we slept in pretty good.  And of course we had to work the day after, so by the time we got to our destination we figured we had about 4 hours to enjoy the place before having to head home to get some rest.  As per usual, we googled shit to see.  Found the Mannekin Pis.  Drove there.  Parked.  Set the car as a favorite on my GPS.  Walked around for a few hours.  Got some dinner.  Found the car.  Left. 
Again, WordPress and Germany don’t get along, so I have to put in a link the old-fashioned way:
Anywho, it’s sort of a tease to only get a few hours in a beautiful European city, but I suppose 4 hours in Brussels is better than no hours in Brussels.  Left the pictures in chronological order, so you get a feel for the whirlwind tour on which we went.  Enjoy:

Welcome to Brussels.

There it is. The Manneken Pis. Over-rated. Maybe, maybe 2 feet tall. I guess the allure is in the legends. And I don't know any of the legends. So there wasn't much allure.

The little guy's got a big hype though. You can't go anywhere in this town without seeing a pissing toddler. All the tourist shops have more pissing toddlers in them than you can possibly imagine. Pissing toddler t-shirts. Pissing toddler corkscrews (the corkscrews themselves were stragically located). Pissing toddler figurines. Pissing toddler watches. You get the idea or should I continue?.

Cranky old lady on the incredibly crowded street containing the aforementioned pissing toddler.


Aww shit. We made eye contact. Now I have to tip him.

The square in the Town Centre. In my opinion, way cooler than the little pissing kid.

Dude hawking his paintings.

How delightfully European.

Yours truly stopped and got a beer from a kiosk for the stroll. The novelty of pounding a beer in front of a cop is still kinda cool. Thanks for the photo Kevin.

And then came the rain. Actually sorta added to the ambiance for whatever reason.


Like this shot. More street performers, kid running away from his mother, and tourists scouring a map... Not sure why I felt the need to outline that for you.

The view from the cafe at which we dined. We had mussels (mussels in Brussels, awesome) and red wine. Did our best Euro-trash impression.

By the time we finished our meal it was dark out. Gets dark awfully early in northern Europe. Back in the square/plaza thingy. This is cooler than some little pissing kid isn't it?

The rain made things so much prettier once the sun went down. The water on the cobblestones turned into a giant reflective pool... Really awesome sight.

Once more.

And after a stroll through the alleys back to our car, that was that....

I hope you enjoyed your 5-minute tour of our 4-hour tour.  Until next time….

-B. Littleton


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9 responses to “4 Hours In Brussels

  1. Kristin

    So, right by the place where you have the picture of the street performers and the kid running away, is a pretty painting of a woman (I can’t remember specifically if it was Venus/Aphrodite or someone else) and rumor goes that if you make a wish on her, for love of course, it will be guaranteed to come true.

    I can’t rightly say it doesn’t work. 😉

    I love Brussels, beautiful town. Great beer; great chocolate; effing fantastic croissants.

  2. Amolia

    I want a pissing kid corkscrew….

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  4. five minute tour for your 4 hours tour. Good line! =D
    Will visit brussels next month. excited! =D

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