An Evening In Nuremberg

So the last three days I’ve worked better than sun-up to sun-down.  As my co-worker put it, we’ve been working dark out to dark out.  Our tourism days (well, day) are behind us.  But, had a pretty sweet afternoon on Sunday; explored the castle outlined in my last post, and then spent a chilly autumn afternoon and evening wandering around Nuremburg.  Unfortunately, I was too spent and too uninformed to do much other than wander aimlessly, or to get any kind of impression of the place…  But, as always, the shutter was snapping away…  I’m too tired to say stuff, so here’s some pictures.

This is right by where we parked the car... Some huge church...

A bike taxi... Or something... Either way, I want a ride...

The spire in the town square.

Pretty sweet little facade there....

Like this shot. Some other impressive church, only this time reflected in the back of a VW. How quintessentially German.

A gargoyle on that there church.

The streets of downtown.

Pretty crowded on a Sunday. Lot's of people wandering to and fro.

Yet another gorgeous church. They were everywhere. Really pretty.

Ha. As with most stuff I see out here, I have no idea what this is, but that's a pretty sweet juxtaposition. Besides, I'm pretty sure Jesus would wear Armani.


Apparently, we were in town for the annual week-long fish fry. Who knew?

A turret in the walls that surround the inner city.

How they pass that off as an actual street is completely beyond me.

A skate park right in between the two tiers of walls they have. Pretty cool.

Pretty. View strolling along on top the inner wall.

And last not but not least, The I'm-in-a-bad-ass-old-city-in-Europe river shot.

That’ll be all for this evening.  I’m worn out.  Stay tuned.

-B. Littleton


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2 responses to “An Evening In Nuremberg

  1. Amolia

    Did you get a chance to indulge yourself in that fish fry?

    also, sick gargoyle picture

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