It’s Like Deja Vu All Over Again…

According to the back of the seat in front of me, today I write you from right about here:


I’m about an hour and a half into our eight-hour flight from Chicago to Frankfurt.  Again.  But Brett, didn’t you just get back from Germany?  Why yes, yes I did.  Ten short days ago.  The job I just completed was install 1 out of 16 we’ll be doing out here in the next year or so.  This trip is for number two.  So I’m afraid these trips to Germany are about to become pretty common-place. 

I’m not a huge fan of only having a week and a half back in America between trips.  As soon as I boarded my flight to Frankfurt I started hearing German again, and I was struck with an intense feeling of deja vu.  For a split second I thought I was in a dream.  But, unfortunately, I was wide awake, and fully cognizant of what lies ahead.  I have to do more work on this trip than the last one, and it’s scheduled to take a full week longer than my last sojourn into Bavaria.  I’m already struggling to fight back the negative anticipation, trying to ignore the little voice in my head telling me that it’s gonna be a lonely few weeks, and who incessantly reminds me that I’ll be spending both Halloween (which is hardly recognized out here) and my 27th birthday in power plants and hotels.  It’s also not much help that I still have a pretty bitter taste in my mouth from a couple of weeks ago.  But, these sort of thoughts tend to be self-fulfilling, so I’ll repress them the best I can, and try to focus on whatever silver lining I can find. 

This trip I’ll be travelling with my co-worker Kevin, and we’ll be installing another one of our lasery-measurey thingies in Bergheim, a little town about 15 miles away from Grevenbroich, my temporary home last trip out.  We arrive in Frankfurt at around 5:30 AM tomorrow, which is pretty early for my taste, but that should give us the whole day Sunday to mess around.  Monday we have to take some German government-mandated safety course so we can legally work in these plants (funny, I’ve been working in them for better than a year without this certification, I guess the wrong dude finally caught on).  Our class is in Erlangen, Germany.  I don’t really know where that is.  I do know that it’s less than ten miles from Nuremburg, which I hear is a pretty cool place, but I don’t really know where Nuremberg is either.  I know the Nuremburg Ring is a race track that was once the bane of my existence back in the day playing Gran Turismo on the Playstation.  But that’s about it. 

 Beyond that I know we’ll be heading two hours south-ish from the Frankfurt airport upon our arrival tomorrow morning.  We’re planning on spending the morning and afternoon strolling around our destination, as like I said, I’ve heard the Nuremburg area has some shit worth seeing.  I guess it’s a pretty cool city, and has some famous castle nearby, so we’ll do what we can to see it in a few short hours. 

Then, fun time is over…  We have the all-day safety certification until 5:00 PM on Monday and then a five-hour drive northwest-ish from Erlangen to our hotel in Leverkusen, a northern suburb of Cologne.  On Tuesday, starting so bright and early that it’ll most likely still be dark out, we have something like twelve days to get our system installed (the last one took sixteen days, so that shouldn’t be a problem…).  Once we’re done there we return to the plant I just left in Grevenbroich for three days to fix a handful of funky fiber optic lines that were screwed up by our supplier. 

All in all it’s slated to be a twenty day trip, with eighteen or nineteen of those days spent working.  I’m looking forward to the overtime, and to the fact for the first time since I started getting sent to Germany I’ll be spending some time in some new places.  I’ll still be close enough to Grevenborich that hopefully I’ll get a chance to hang out with my German and Turkish homies there, and being in a new town should break up the monotony a bit. 

 So, wish me luck, and check back soon for  pictures.

-B. Littleton


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7 responses to “It’s Like Deja Vu All Over Again…

  1. Guess we should chip in and get you the Rosetta stone auf Deutsche for Christmas!

    I grew up in Nuremburg! The castle is 14th century. It was the site of the trials for WWII. The wax angels made there during the Christmas season and sold during at the Christmas market have a very special story. I will show you and Ashlee mine from there and tell you when you return. Go visit my hometown, Furth, and then see where I lived when we finally got on base. My daughter called it the projects, LOL. I attended the military DOD school. The only movies I saw were National Geographic and TV did not exist. Walking was our frequent mode of transportation and our fridge was the size of a dorm fridge. We shopped each day like the locals. In fact, I considered German my primary language until I was fourteen. It is a great city to explore. I think my parents are there at least twice a year. (Be careful you might run into them and if so, paddle hard to the left ….ask B!) Please take a bunch of pictures for me. I miss it and have not had the chance to return! Enjoy it twice-once for you and once for me!

    • Wow, I had no idea… Unfortunately tonight is the only night i’ll have in the area… I’m heading back to northwestern Germany tomorrow. We spent the day checking out the Rothenber Fortress ruins, about 15 km outside of town, and then headed into old Nuremberg, knowing percisely nothing about the town, and walked around for a few hours. It wasn’t much of a visit, but it was a really neat town. We walked the perimeter of the inner-city walls, and criss-crossed the old town area for a bit. That’s gonna be all for this trip, but seeing as how i’m pretty much an honorary German these days, I sure wouldn’t be suprised if i make it back. Saw signs for Furth by the way….

      Also, took like 300 pictures today. They’ll be up on before long, i assure you. Hope you’re well.

    • Forgot, we drove by the hall that housed the Nuremberg Trials, but didn’t get a chance to check it out… Woulda been really neat, the closet history nerd in me would have loved to have seen it up close….

  2. judy

    Have you considered meditation to keep you grounded during these crazy travels? Or maybe Colleen can give you some yoga moves!
    (We arrived in Texas today, all is well and everything is alive but just barely, with the drought they have had here over the summer. ) Looking forwatd to seeing you (and maybe Ashlee) over Thanksgiving.

  3. The last week of MD begins tomorrow…I am calling it the last week bc I, like Miss A, am “THE BOSS!” I am on the path to wellness or so I say, thank you. We had fun at “Going to the Dogs” but it would not have been the same if the “devil” had not been in the hellish goat someone brought. Who thought a goat belonged there? We understood the fowl since there were herding events in the center ring and could live with the distractions and challenges they brought the dogs, and the table tipping (LOL) but a GOAT? Totally unnecessary! The airedale certainly had a mouthful to say. Glad you had a moment for Nuremburg. I look forward to your pictures! Take it easy on yourself! I think meditation (as mentioned above) is a great idea for preventive care and jet lag!

  4. Airdale huh? My dad has an airdale, my family’s raised them for ages… Great, great dogs…

  5. Judy- no, I haven’t ever considered that. Not really the meditation type. Who knows, might help. Glad to hear all is well in Texas…

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