The Sights of Grevenbroich, Germany.

 If you’re hoping for some dramatic, uber-European. awe-inspring shots, you oughta check out my post about Cologne; you won’t see them here.  I’ve been living in Grevenbroich, Germany for little more than two weeks now.  As I’ve previously mentioned, it’s not a horribly impressive place.  For those of you that hail from Colorado, imagine Pueblo but with Germans instead of Mexicans.  60.000 people and more industry than you shake your bratwurst-on-a-stick at.  The first couple times I was here the simple fact that I wasn’t in Texas kept me impressed, but at this point it’s safe to say the novelty is gone.  Now it’s just another little town with a power plant in it.  Only here the signs are incomprehensible, BBC and a few shows on Al Jazera are the only channels on the TV I can understand, and so much as buying my morning Red Bull and gallon of water is a bit of a challenge.  Beyond that, I’ve grown pretty comfortable here, as comfortable as a guy can get in a little town 5,000 miles from home anyway.  Here’s a look: 

Sunset in my home away from home. Suprisingly I got home before the sun went down on whatever day this was...


That is a fully-grown, borderline-obese dude rocking capris. Who says the Germans are a rather unstyliish people?

It's rather agrarian town as well. The sweet potato fields butt right up against the power plants. I have a feeling the tons of CO2 doesn't hurt anything

The sausage stand outside the local eqivalent of the Home Depot. Makes America's sausage slingers look like amatuers. Germans like their sausage.

At the supermarket. My esteemed colleague Glendo illustrates one of the ways around our little "two alcoholic beverages per dinner" rule.

A bottle of "wodka" we seen at the plant. My hardhard sitting next to it there. You would NEVER see in this in the states. I'm floored someone was getting loaded in a power plant. That's a pretty good way to lose some digits.

One helluva urinal cake. I'm told this helps the drunkards keep their piss in the toilet. I believe it, as i drunkenly scored like 8 goals.

So.... this is the guys bathroom. Got it.

Glendo scopin' the sunset from the roof of the power plant.

The sunset he was scopin'. You can kinda see all the wind turbines in there...

An add for an energy drink. You'll never hear me acuse of the Germans of being modest.

Ok, I know the Germans are all about efficiency, and I'm for eco-friendly vehicles, but really? A UPS smart car? A lot of the crap I send UPS wouldn't fit in that thing.

This guy's a nerd.

Ah, Cafe Chocolate. We hit this place up pretty much every night. A nice little restaraunt and hookah bar. Don't care for the hookah's but they have ok food, a couple of bartenders that speak english, and wifi, so I'll call it good.

A "salami" pizza (don't EVER order pepperoni, unless you just love pickled red peppers) from Choco-late. Might not look like much, but a guy can only eat so much schnitzel...

there’s Grevenbroich for ya.  Until next time…

-B. Littleton


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5 responses to “The Sights of Grevenbroich, Germany.

  1. Amolia

    Great pictures! And thank you for posting the sausage one 😉 my next request is a guy in lederhosen

  2. Dammit, Damen? You make reading so fun I left the laundry and grocery shopping. Instead I chose to order a ticket from Travelocity so I could eat at the local cafe with its marvelous food. I do have to admit when we lived there we too served beer at lunch but never Wodka and there were no drunk workers. Go figure-maybe my parents had a strict two stein limit…
    Oh, ding…guess my flight (or the laundry) is calling.

  3. thanks guys… Molly, I’ll do what I can the next couple of weeks :). Lesley, I’m quite flattered. Thanks for your continued interest, means a lot.

  4. RjZ

    No, really, there’s a two beverage limit now?

  5. Awesome Thanks for painting a good picture.

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