Interstate 80

Another blog post eh?  I sort of forgot about this thing.  I’ve written a handful of posts since I last published, but I haven’t bothered to revise and publish them.  That part is way less fun and way more work than actually writing.  Tonight, I feel like writing, and with any luck, I’ll actually publish too…

Today, work gave me the pleasure of driving from Boulder, CO to Rock Springs WY.  The drive consists of about 100 miles north to Interstate 80, and then 200 miles of nothing heading west towards Salt Lake City.  It’s a six-hour expedition into expansive horizons only subtly punctuated by a handful of small Wyoming towns, truck stops and roadside porn stores.  First off is Laramie, a pretty little town with the Snowy Mountains for a front yard, I like this place, but it’s all downhill from here.  100 miles later is Sinclair, a town so full of oil refineries it’s named for the company that owns them.  Shortly thereafter is Rawlins, a 4-exit relic of the days of the transcontinental railroads.  Next up is Wamsutter, which is nothing more than a truck stop on either side of the interstate and a steroidal trailer park full of rough-necks (oil rig workers) and meth labs.  After another 60 miles of semis and the bottles full of urine they so prolifically produce, is Rock Springs, Wyoming.  This little drive takes about 6 or 7 hours to navigate, depending on the number of pit stops. 

The drive is mind-numbing on a good day and suicidal on a bad day.  The snow has a tendency to fall, and the high-prairie winds have a tendency to drift that snow across the interstate like it’s not even there.  I’ve twice been stranded in one of the cities listed above due to a closed I-80.  Luckily, this evening’s drive was the former.  And frankly, I enjoyed it.  

The nothing can be awfully pretty if one’s in the right mood, and I guess today I was.  I felt like thinking.  Westbound I-80 is a good place to do that.  I caught the sunset, which in the land of expansive solitude is always a sight to see.  It’s gonna be a lonely day or two up here, but the conclusions I came to in my hours of vehicular introspection are that I’m a lucky guy to have a job period,  let alone a job that’s sent me across the Atlantic and the Pacific, so I’d damn well better take the bad with the good.  I’m lucky that I don‘t live in Rock Springs, and I’m damn lucky to have a pretty girl in Kentucky that’s crazy enough to like me.  I also came to the conclusion that I need to commit my thoughts to the ol‘ blog with substantially more consistency than I have lately.  It’s good for me.  This is a start, we’ll see about tomorrow. 

Until then, here’s some pictures:

Tonight's sunset from a rest stop about 50 miles east of Rock Springs, Wyoming.

This is from the pretty part of the drive. Somewhere between Fort Collins, CO and Laramie, WY. This is from sometime last year. Lends credence to the name 'Snowy Mountains'

One of the two roadside porn stores along I-80. Strange, as you can see, they used to sell gas too, but now, it's just porn. I guess truckers need them some 'entertainment.'

-B. Littleton

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