Howboutcha Amos

Here I am in the Lazy Dog Saloon, again.  Shot of Beam and a Stella Artois, again.  Only this time I’m too damn tired to spend the time writing an actual post.  Instead, I’m copping out and throwing up some pictures.  It’s cool, they’re worth 1,000 words anyway…  A couple of these are from my current trip out here.  A couple are from trips past…

A lot of people talk funny out here in West Virginee.  All power plants have either a hardcore intercom system known as Gaitronics or they outfit all of their employees with radios.  Power plants are big, noisy places, and you need something of the sort to communicate.  Out here at the Amos plant they chose the radios, and they all call each other the same way: “howboutcha.”  For example, if someone needed to get ahold of me, I’d hear “howboutcha Brett Littleton?” Hence your title.  Anywho here’s the pictures. 

My office out here. Nice isn’t it?  The crap on which I work is  mounted to the boiler wall behind that big ass airduct there on the right.  When I took this I was standing right where I set up my computer and all my tools and shit. 
An awfully pretty sunrise at Amos.
I think the HVAC is busted up in here. Better call someone about that…  Yes, that’s a thermometer, no that isn’t bullshit.  I told you it’s hot where I work…

You are here. Well, I am.

 Until next time…


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  1. Glen

    I love your writing Brett . If anybody wants to know about my job i will point them here!!!!

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